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This would be the reaping harvest type transit. TSaturn transits my 5 th house: I attended art school where I developed mad art fundies skills and had the worst period ever of my dating life. Hey, wanna grab a coffee sometime?

A learning transit. A smattering of random examples: PMercury enters Pisces: Previously, I was a very concise, direct and forceful communicator when speaking.

For example: TSaturn opposing natal sun: Nothing whatsoever changed in my life but I had a series of very powerful dreams and a sense of psychic pressure as if I was being ground to dust. To date, this remains the most difficult transit I have experienced, even though outwardly, everything appeared to be normal.

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I also was audited and called for jury duty. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. They are commonly used by fortune-tellers to divine the future and if given a wide enough orb can be made to account for every event you experience on your life journey. An astrological year is the time it takes for the Sun in your birth chart to travel from its birth chart position once around the zodiac back to its birth chart position.

The motion of a transit planet is much faster than its major progressed and minor progressed correlate.

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Subsequent to your birth the transit progressed planets move and a transit progression is an aspect formed by a transit progressed planet and a birth chart or major progressed planet. A major-minor-transit progressed chart looks like this… A major-minor-transit progressed chart is calculated for a selected date. On the selected date a transit progressed planet may have moved to form a transit progressed aspect with a birth chart or major progressed planet.

Transit progressed aspects. A transit progressed planet has very little power so an independent transit progressed aspect can map an event that is inconsequential and of little importance.

A minor progressed aspect to the birth chart or major progressed planet involved in the aspect narrows this time-frame. Progressions, on the other hand do not function this way. Starting from the natal birth degree they move forward in relation to the birth chart in a much slower way than the Transits. To see this, consider the difference between the Progressed Moon which moves approximately 1 degree a month, and the Transiting Moon which moves approximately 1 degree every 2 hours.

In another example, the Sun Transits all degrees of the zodiac once each year, yet if we Progress the Sun, we only progress it one day for each year of life or approximately 1 degree a year. Again, the Progression is much slower than the Transit.

The Astrology of Personality - Chapter Thirteen - Progressions, Directions and Transits

Yet, a far greater difference between Transits and Progressions has to do with the fact that in the instance of transits, our natal planets remain fixed in the original stamp of our birth. Progressions, on the other hand, while not ignoring our original natal placement, make the assumption that as our life goes forward, so too do we, and as a result- experience on some levels progressed degrees, further along than our birth degrees. Thus, the Progression is an overlay, or another layer that while not ignoring the natal degree position, acts as what experiences the individual is becoming familiar with in life, in addition to their starting degree.

Karmically, the person evolves from their natal degree with the possibility of learning and earning all the potential in the ensuing degrees that their progressions take them to. Imagine if you will, an individual born with their Sun at 29 Scorpio.